Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still No Internet and the Blog Suffers

It has been almost a week with VERY limited internet access. With all of the power interuptions, it has taken its' toll on the modem. BTL, the local telephone monopoly, said they would be out Thursday, by noon, to fix the problem, but this is Belize. Thursday came and went with no BTL technician in sight. A call to BTL was of no help, as they said they were quite busy and they might be out Friday. Well, Friday has come and gone and again, no BTL technician. They are closed on the weekends, so, no internet until at least Monday.

The building on the lot is progressing and we hope to start pouring the support beams sometime late next week. They are just finishing up work on the cistern, pool and retaining wall. It's beginning to look like something instead of a big hole in the ground that just sucks up money. John has got a great crew working on our house and they have all but finished on Pip and Jason's house. Work on our place should start to move at a good clip from here.

John has picked up all the jobs he is going to do for the rest of the year and into the first part of next year. He's smart in not getting stretched too thin, as that is the problem that has confronted other builders here in Belize. John seems to be the only builder with a backlog of home builds while others here are idle. He's trying to build a good reputation and seems to be doing a good job of that. It's getting to the point where he's going to need office space in town to handle all of the things going on. He has sold the house he is currently residing in and is clearing the lot for his new home. He has a new architect, Dan, that will help design homes for people looking to build in the future. He is currently working on John's new home design and will probably have a good challenge working on new layouts based on living in the tropics.

The weather here has just been wonderful, now that the winds have died down. The last couple of nights I have spent time lying in the hammock, listening to some Jazz music and looking up at the stars. It is such a different sky than we have in Camarillo, with a whole new set of stars and constellations above and a much darker sky. I'm looking forward to bringing down my telescope so I can begin to explore.

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