Monday, May 18, 2009

I am, again, Connected to the World

I have an internet connection once again. BTL came out today and reset the modem and put a new modular end on the ethernet cable to see if that would resolve our connection issues. We had a few problems along the way, but they think they have solved the problem. Only time will tell (and the next power outage). I can now update the blog with new pictures.

Construction continues on the retaining wall, pool and cistern. It's really starting to show some progress.

But, before they can begin work on the structural beams, I need to make changes to the 2nd floor Master bathroom. Even though we won't begin work on that for a year or two, we need to have all the plumbing in the right location so everything will be there later when we do build. I also need to decide the final placement of the electrical outlets, fans, track lighting, wall sconces and outside lights. And other considerations are for phone/internet, satellite TV and speaker placement. I've had most of these on the original drawings but have decided to scale back some lighting and fans. We just won't need as much as I had originally planned. I also need to plan for the satellite dish placement. With the equator so close, the satellites are more spaced apart than they would be in the States, even though they are in a geosynchronous orbit. It just means that I need to have a full view of the southern skies from wherever I decide to put the dish on the roof. Another item to consider for the future is the satellite TV provider. Not everything is legal down here and it requires permits to import satellite dishes. Most providers don't want to provide service outside the US or Canada probably due to copyright laws.

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