Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Careful what you wish for

Another night of pouring rain has decended on to Consejo. It rained again last night, sometimes hard enough to wake me up. We need the rain, just not in torrents. The work site was a sloppy mess, with lots of water, but work continued.

I am finally seeing progress on the main structure of the house, and not just the stuff behind the scenes. The rebar for the support beams has been assembled and put in place. Now the job is to tie the support beams all together and form the support for the whole house. After that, they will make forms for the cement beams and probably pour them on Saturday or Monday. My time is running short, and as much as I am looking forward to returning to my Mischelle and the dogs, I still want to track the progress on my own. You just need to have faith in your contractor and discuss all the options ahead of time so there are no surprises for both you and the contractor. John, I'm sure, will take care of everything, and if he does have questions, I will know far enough ahead, as not to disrupt the construction schedule.

I see a couple of problems in the cistern, but nothing that can't be readily fixed. John and I are scheduled to go to Chetumal on Friday, instead of Thursday. I am looking forward to that visit, although I'm not really sure what I will be looking at or what I will be looking for. I am looking for a quality product, that will hold up over time. I think Mischelle and I have decided on French doors rather than sliding doors, just because they offer double the area open to the breeze. I don't think screens will be that much of a problem, but if we don't get the doors right the first time, it will be something we will have to live with. So, I think we are right in choosing the French doors and we will deal with the screens later. I think the same may apply to the other windows, but I need to see what they offer.

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