Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Power, No Internet, No Power of the Internet

It has been a few days since I’ve had access to the internet. With sporadic power outages throughout town and especially in Consejo, the internet connection has suffered. I am still trying to figure out what the problem is, but will soon have the best minds in the Shores working on it. I’m sure we will figure out what is wrong, but until then, my blog will be running behind schedule. Even my friend, Donna, is posting more than I am. Sunday, we were without power in Consejo almost all day due to a transformer burning up in the Shores. I realize the need for a back-up generator. I went over to Dave and Cindy’s, who live in a beautiful home about 2 miles from town, and they are completely off the grid. They had cold beers and they even sent me home with ice for the rum and cokes later. Now they have a nice setup.

The last couple of days there hasn’t been a lot of work going on at our place, as they try and finish all the work on Pip and Jason’s place before they shut down and move over to our place. The work on the retaining wall has begun and the pool is not far behind. They need to finish the retaining wall, cistern and pool work before they can start the support beam structure. John is planning for the beam structure work to begin a week from this Monday. I was hoping that we might be further along in the construction than we are right now, but this IS Belize. My return to the States is planned for June 2nd or 3rd. Right now, I don’t know when I will return to Belize, but I don’t think I will be returning on June 24th , as currently planned. I was planning on being here for the roof pour, but that now seems unlikely. At least I will oversee most of the plumbing and electrical work that needs to be done.

We are stopping the build, just after the windows are in, so the building is secure. I want to wait for Mischelle to pick out tiles and fixtures, before we move ahead, and the money for that won’t be available until after the 1st of the year. So, John will put us on the back burner, just like Pip and Jason, until we are ready. We are trying to find a suitable window manufacturer that we both like, that will do the job to our satisfaction. The windows I have seen recently need to have some slight changes made to them and we also need to think of airflow and how we can incorporate screens into the design.

John and I visited a few different homes today to look at everything from stucco coloring, hurricane shutters, screens, etc., to doors and windows. John has been very open to change and is willing to do whatever we want. The problem is, if it is available in Belize or do we have to special order from the States or somewhere else. Cost is also a factor somewhere in that equation. John does his best to stay within budget, but I keep thinking of ways to blow the budget. Window upgrades, toilet upgrades, pool upgrades. You get the idea. Nothing is cheap in Belize, except maybe the labor. And if you want the better labor pool, you pay a little more for that too.

While John has been busy with his work, I have been busy meeting our neighbors and maybe soon to be neighbors. This week I spent time with Dave and Kristen, who currently live in Texas. They have explored most of the area that Belize has to offer and have decided that they want to concentrate on the Corozal district as a place for their next adventure. A very nice couple that would probably fit right in the Consejo area. There seems enough volunteer work to keep Kristen busy for years to come. And Dave, I’m sure would have no problem finding things to keep him entertained. Kristen had already organized a pot luck dinner, and she doesn’t even live here. And while she went to the gardening club meeting, Dave and I did some kayaking over to a neighboring development that has a large lagoon/marina. It was said that there were a few large crocs in the lagoon, but Dave and I didn’t find any and neither of us wanted to slip in the water to attract some for photo opps (even though we didn’t bring a camera).

We also managed to visit the local Mayan ruin that is in the nearby town of Santa Rita. Not much as Mayan ruins go, but climbing to the top of the ruin gave you a beautiful view of Corozal town and a view of the other ruin across the Corozal Bay, at Cerros.

For Dave and Kristen, two weeks time went by much too fast. They will have a lot to think about when they return home. After being on Belize time, I think they will take their time and maybe rent a place for a while before buying. It’s good choice for anyone planning on relocating to Belize. Even though there is lots of material to read about Belize, and even more on the internet, there is nothing like being here. It takes some adjustments, but it is not unlike living in a small town. You find where to go and when, and realize that it may take more than one trip or day to finish your shopping. Fresh veggies on Tuesday and Saturday, the butcher closes early on Saturday and Sunday, government offices and utilities are closed on weekends. You get the idea. A small town full of friendly people, just living the simple life. I think we’ll fit right in. I’m ready now!

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