Thursday, May 28, 2009

Filling in the Void

Today they began filling the area in between the structural beams. John thought it would require around 40 truck loads of fill to cover the entire house and inside the retaining wall. But George, from Taribo Ind., thought it might be closer to twenty loads, not forty. George won. And so did our pocketbook.

Now they will start tamping down all the loose fill dirt to make the pad for the house floor. Then they will construct the wood forms around the perimeter of the house, so they can start the pouring the cement for the floor on Saturday. After this point, the house walls should go up rather quickly and they will probably start that part of the project on Monday.

And other good news is that George will pull up the tree stumps in the beach area when he has the equipment here to do it. These are the remains of previous times they tried to remove these trees and now just the stumps remain. And they continue to try and grow again and again.

I have spent many hours trying to cut all of the roots that I can find, but there is no way for me to pull the stumps out and load them on any kind of truck or trailer. But once they are gone, it will be easier for me to decide what I am going to do with the beach area.

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