Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Friends

Yesterday, I was able to meet a follower of our blog who is out here to check out the lot they have bought on Four Mile lagoon. Donna and her mom, Jeanne, are here from Canada and up until now, we had only exchanged e-mails. So finally getting to meet Donna was a real pleasure. They too had plans to start building soon, but economic realities set in and I think they have postponed building until at least December.

Donna, Bob and Jeanne

They found me working (yes, working) at the seaside, clearing dead and soon to be dead tree stumps. They had driven out to Consejo with Canadian Bob to see Bobs' work at Mayan Seaside and to look for me. Bob was building a house for Brian and Laura that is just about complete. He also showed her a building constructed by John Harris that was in the finishing stages.

Recently completed house by John Harris

Work has begun on a retaining wall that will sit on the seaside portion of the lot and raise a large area about 3 feet higher than the current ground level. This area will also have the pool and a large grassy area but more important, it will raise the area to the house level, which is about 10 to 11 feet above sea level. That is hopefully higher than any storm surge that may occur from a hurricane. But only time will tell.

Today, Dave, Kristen and I went to town for lunch and we discussed their recent travel to the Cayo district and areas of Hopkins and Stann Creek. After looking at the properties and land in the area, they decided not to go further south and returned to the Corozal district. It was too low lying and close to the jungles, which could (would) mean flooding and bugs. So at this point, I think they are undecided about what to do and will probably go home to Texas to sort things out. It's a good idea and with the economy, and there may be better deals in the future.

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