Saturday, April 4, 2009

A late April fools

After making plans to leave on Friday, April 3rd, the plans have changed again. Hipolito has again, encountered trouble with his truck. I might feel a little apprehensive about traveling thru Mexico with a truck that is trouble prone, but Hipolito is the garage mechanic at AT&T, so he knows how to keep the truck running, even if we do run into trouble on the road. So, I'd rather give him a couple of extra days to clear the trouble here in the States, than on the road in Mexico. Waiting a couple of extra days was not that much of a problem. I have a few extra days built into the schedule, to handle any unforeseen troubles (I'm planning in Belizian time). I just need to be there by the 14th. I had to change all of our road reservations, but that wasn't too much of a problem. But with Easter around the corner, I want to make sure we are in Belize before the holiday.

The little Toyota was packed to the roof and ready to go. It looked like a low rider truck, it was so low in the back. I was planning to have a trailer hitch carrier, but the back end of the truck would of only had a few inches of clearance from the ground, so I nixed that idea. I just need to figure out how I'm going to load the bike. I won't leave that behind.

I just hope the weather is not a factor in the drive. Texas weather changes so much during the spring. And in southern Mexico and northern Belize, the heat and humidity have kicked in and driven the temperature to 85-90F, with the heat index reaching 105-110F. And I have no air conditioning in the Toyota. It's gonna be a hot drive, I can see it already.

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richies said...

Here's to a safe and uneventful trip. When friends of mine from Belize came to the states and bought a van to take back, the Federales stopped them in the middle of the night and made them completely unload the van that they had packed to the limit. After several hours of harassment, they told them to reload the van.

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