Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The lot is ready to go.

Our contractor has sent new pictures of our cleared lot. After having many pictures of the property these past few years that just shows the grass and trees growing, it's seems strange to see it so barren and grey. The lot, with its large grassy area, looked beautiful with the water in the background.

But now, it is time to pick out exactly where we want the house to be. Do we want a large front or back yard.

Looking south

Looking southeast

Looking north, towards the road

The contractor also included a few from our neighbors' lot. They are moving right along with the foundation work and the walls should begin to go up next week.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. What a view you will have. Watch out for the mosquitos!!

Anonymous said...

No - just spray on some listerine.
guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away.