Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 5 of the long journey

We finally got our "transmigrantes" permit today and are set to leave tommorrow AM. The line is already forming tonight to cross the border, but we decided to stay at the transmigrantes office overnight and get an early start tommorrow. We didn't want to sleep overnight in our trucks waiting in line, and the transmigrantes office has several rooms with beds, so we decided to get a good nights sleep and hit it early.

Our customs broker has 4 rooms, with two bunk beds set up in each room, so people can spend the night(s) if they are having trouble getting their permits. Some are taking cars across (and the paperwork has to be complete and error free) but for some reason the paperwork isn't right, so they must wait before they can cross the border. They can stay at the customs brokers' rooms free of charge, until the paperwork is done, usually not more than 3 or 4 days. It may not be much, but it is a bed and it's free.

The customs brokers' had put stickers on the truck to indicate that we are transmigrantes, so hopefully we won't get hassled that much on our drive through Mexico. Now we just need to get across the border. I'm including the information on the customs broker to help others if they need to move a car and possessions across Mexico. They have made it very easy.

Transmigrantes "ROCIO"
Office number 956-592-1259

This will be the last post until we reach Belize unless I can find internet access in Mexico (or I get stuck in Brownsville again). I'm sure I will have a lot to blog about and I should have some new pictures to post.


Anonymous said...

Take care of Hipo he has a family at home even though he likes to pretend he is a carefree guy. Too many times he has risked this trip. It really is not safe. That is why your wife is also worried.

sandy a said...

there are wireless hotspots all the way down. Post if you can!

Peter said...

WOW This was a Great read. This is Hippos Son, Peter and I am SOOOO Grateful that you have this BLOG going....I worry about my Father doing this Trip, and with all the scary Stories in Mexico right now, I too am worried the most when he goes throug this part....So be being able to read along on his adventure with you, is GREAT!

Also love the tid bits about my dad being late, SOOOOO my dads style, part of that care free attitude he likes to protray, but I know its just an excuse for him always being on BELIZE time (Late). PLease keep us posted, I will be on this Blog religously. PLease make it back so I can meet you thank you for going with my Dad, even though he is always 3 hours late ;) Say hi to my dad for me from his son, grandson, and his daughter in law, and she says to stay out of Trouble and get Chupi (His grandsons nickname)a Pancho... Love you Dad.