Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 3 of the long journey

We made it to Brownsville, Texas, in 3 days! What a drive. After endless hours of watching the flat scenery of Texas, we are about ready to cross the border into Mexico. I'm ready to get out of Texas, but a little apprehensive about the drive thru Mexico. We were planning on driving through it in three days, but I think we will now plan for four days in Mexico and not push the driving too much. Better safe than sorry. That should put us at the Belizian border on Sunday, Easter Sunday. Since we can't cross the border on Sunday, I guess we will explore Chetumal, Mexico. And there is always the Casino.

I'm pretty sure there will be no web access in the hotel/motels that we stay at in Mexico, so this may be my last blog for a few days, but I may be wrong. Internet access is almost as important as a cellphone, so some hotels may provide access for a cost. Maybe I'll find an internet cafe'. It's is going to be an interesting couple of days, that's for sure. Lots of stories for the blog, all good I hope.

Thanks to all of you reading the blog and all of the well wishes for driving thru Mexico. I take that to heart, and will do my best to make it through safely. Details will follow, I hope.

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