Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 4 of the long journey... and getting longer

Well, our plans to enter Mexico today hit a large snag. We arrived at the customs broker just before noon, expecting to get our "transmigrantes" permit, but found out that the customs offices in Mexico close today at 1PM, due to Good Friday...even though it's Thursday. Go figure. Our customs brokers have an inside connection to the people on the Mexican side of the border, and they even called over there to try and get us across, but Hipolito has a stack of plywood in his truck, and they want to inspect it before they will allow us to cross the border. That takes time, and they couldn't complete the inspection before the 1PM closing, so they informed us that it couldn't be completed today. And tomorrow is Good Friday, and they will be closed all day on Friday. So Saturday morning we will finally attempt to cross the border.

It will be another wonderful day in Brownsville, Texas. Oh, so much fun.

And on top at that, we also found out the Belize border will be closed for transmigrantes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday due to Easter. So after being stuck in Texas for a couple of extra days it looks as though we'll be stuck in Mexico for a couple of extra days. Maybe we'll spend it Vera Cruz on the beach.


sandy a. said...

hope you make it past Brownsville for the weekend. Being stuck there would really be a drag.

Dave + Dianna Rider said...


I got your voice mail. Thanks. Best of luck running the gauntlet, as it were.