Wednesday, April 29, 2009

THE CREW - No Belize time here

These are the guys, THE CREW, that poured Pip and Jason's roof. What a great job these guys do. No whining, no bitching, no excuses, nothing! These guys are here to do a job, and they can get it done. And they earn every dollar. I'd like to see the all the people in the States that are complaining about working too hard, or not getting a five, six (or even seven) figure bonus, come down here and do this for a week. Five gallon buckets of cement at a time. Forty tons of it. They never seemed to rest. Just like ants. Just as strong, just as determined.

And these guys are a happy bunch. Not afraid to come over and talk to some tidy, clean guy, standing on the side lines as they labor on. My hats off to THE CREW. I'm looking forward to their commitment when it comes to building our place.

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sandy a said...

Belizean workers are amazing! I'm always impressed with their work.