Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm in Belize, life is good

I’m spending my first days in Belize reacquainting myself with neighbors and friends. I brought a few small gifts for my good friends here. Specialty coffees, golf balls and tees, and a few other things I could stuff in my truck. The problem was finding everything. I have unloaded most of the truck and put it inside the large studio apartment I am renting from Bob and Martha. They have a great place to stay that feels more like home, unlike most of the places I have been staying at the last couple of weeks.

Bob and Marthas' place

I haven’t seen Hipolito since we arrived at the Belize border, but I’m sure he’s OK. After all, this is home to him, with all the family members around. I’m sure he misses his family back in the States, but with all the family members down here, its’ got to keep him busy. I think he is scheduled to leave tomorrow but I hope for his sake, he stays a little longer. The flights out of Chetumal leave around 8AM, so if he’s out of here tomorrow, I won’t see him again until June.

I want to thank all of you for your best wishes during our travel. A few of you left comments on the blog, and that also gets e-mailed to me, so I read them all. I just can’t reply unless I have an e-mail address, which the blog doesn’t always provide.

I’ve had some internet connection problems out here in Consejo, but hopefully they are just temporary. Tomorrow is Sunday, which is Bocce Ball day. We will be out at 8AM playing Bocce Ball with neighbors from the Shores and nearby communities. Bob and Martha have two courts set up right now, but sometimes have as many as four courts set up when the snowbirds are here. The snowbirds have all gone home or are planning on leaving soon, so it won’t be quite as busy tomorrow on the Bocce court.

The days are beautiful here, with the temps in the 80’s and 90’s during the day and 70’s at night. There has been a constant breeze blowing through the last few weeks and that keeps the temps down. The sea is a little choppy, but it is a beautiful turquoise green.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with Bocce Ball in the morning, a little golf in the early afternoon and a bar-b-que at the contractors’ house in the early evening. Life’s tough, but someone has got to do it. The only thing better would be if Mischelle and the dogs were here.

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