Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 8 - A good days' travel

So, another day of travel begins as we leave Cardel. I was glad to get out of that motel and not look back. Not only was it small and extremely noisy, but when we got a look around the neighborhood outside, it was overcast and smoky, with some kind of power or manufacturing plant spewing out black smoke at a rate I had never seen before.

Bypassing Vera Cruz, we took the back roads, as we head off towards Villa Hermosa. We were looking at an 8 hour drive but with the early start, we figured it would be no problem.

We were soon on the toll roads and making good time, now that we didn’t have to slow down at every small town. We were in Villa Hermosa ahead of schedule, so we decided to press on and try and make it to Escarpaca, hopefully before dark. Unfortunately we were back on the small roads, going through the small towns again. That meant more speed bumps.

Crossing a bridge outside of Villa Hermosa

About an hour outside of Villa Hermosa, we decided it was getting dark and we should find a room for the night. As we had pulled over to get gas, we noticed they had a small truckers motel that was open next door, so we got a room and settled in for the night. At this point we were about 350 miles from the Belize border and only about a days’ drive away. It was a good point to stop. The rooms were big and although it was a truck stop, it wasn’t that noisy. We had drove over ten hours today and were making good time.

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