Monday, April 6, 2009

On the road again.....

It's official... I'm on my way to Belize. It will be around 3000 miles to get there from Camarillo, CA, and I've figured it should take us six days if all goes well. Hipolito, my caravan compadre, got a late start, so I headed out earlier than he did, so I could try and get to the hotel before dark. I left Camarillo around 11:30AM and arrived at my first stop, Tucson, Arizona, around 8:30PM. It took about the time I expected, but the drive can become boring after driving all those hours.

Phoenix skyline

Hipolito is about 2 hours behind me, so he should be arriving soon. The problem with the truck being so jam packed, is you can never find anything you need on the first try. I'm still trying to hunt down my cell phone charger, and I'm sure it's right there somewhere. I guess I'll have to look tommorrow when the sun is up.

The next stop is Fort Stockton, Texas. It's about a ten hour drive from Tucson, so it will be an early start.


Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Hey Perry,
Here's hoping you all have a pleasant and safe trip down here to paradise.

richies said...

I will say a prayer for your safe trip to Belize. I must admit I'm a bit jealous. I wish I was going to Belize.

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