Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have You Seen Me? The Missing Mayan Face.

When we first purchased our lot in Consejo, I happened upon a Mayan face carved into the stone at the seafront portion of our lot. He seemed to be looking out over the bay. What was he looking for? How long had he been keeping watch over the bay?

The upper portion of his limestone face had been eroded over the course of time, but the nose, lips and chin were still clearly visable. I was looking forward to preserving this reminant of the Mayan past and incorporating it into our beachside plans.

Unfortunately, someone else also had plans for our Mayan face. I came back this April, only to find someone had removed the stone carving. It was here in December '08 when I took these pictures, but is it now gone forever. Never to look over the bay that he has probably gazed upon, for over a half of a millenium.

Sorry to say, but he's probably sitting on a shelf, in somebodys' home, overlooking a 42 inch Plasma TV. What an end to my reminant of the Mayan past.

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Anonymous said...

Perry, Tom Fisher here, the guy across the street in what is referred to as "Taco Bell 2". I saw the face on the rock as recently as January, so someone took it since we were there then.

Can't really remember how we found the blog. I think we might have just picked it up too off Moonracer or Windjama, which we had occasionally followed....

Shame abut the face. I kind of always assumed it was carved in recent times, but who knows?

We've become regular followers, as it is cool to see current goings on in Consejo.

Your trip down was an interesting follow as well...a trip we hope to make soon...

Tom Fisher
Atlanta, GA