Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The work finally begins

The first work has begun on our property. YEA!!! They started clearing our lot today and finally got rid of a tree stump that has been a big problem because of the size. The BIG tree fell over during the hurricane season of '07. They cut off the limbs and the main trunk of the tree, but let the stump fall back into the hole. And with the beautiful Belizian weather, it started to grow again. Not what we wanted. Had the tree not blown over, it would have been a fine shade tree. But once it fell over, we decided it wasn't in the right spot and plan to plant a new tree in a different location. Plus, when you have a cistern for your main water supply, the leaves from the tree become a major issue. We hope to have some pictures soon, but our contractors' computer is on the blink after a recent power surge, so no e-mails.

Our lot in early May '06

Our lot, minus the tree, in Jan.'08

Our lot Nov '08, the tree returns

And a note to Sandra. Thanks for your comment and I don't know if you saw the follow-up comments that I had left. 1990 standard 4 cyl Toyota w/130K miles and a straight shell, no bells or whistles, not even air. Duties and taxes? Do they take credit cards?


Anonymous said...

hi, I live near you guys in U.S. (santa clarita), and have a house just south of corozal (1/4 mile from Tony's inn). small world! Just got back from there last week
nice to "meet" you, liz Rorem-hull

Perry and Mischelle said...

Hi Liz,
Sorry I missed you. I will be down the first week of April. How long have you been in Corozal and are you over on the canals? Maybe we can get together when I get back and compare notes.