Thursday, March 26, 2009

False start

After a few weeks of planning, I planned to start my drive to Belize on Tuesday, March 10th.

No, wait. Now, after the new problems developed on our neighbors' lot, that date has been moved back to March 28th.

Delays again? OK, this time I am really going to leave on March 31st. Construction is to begin April 6th... or so.

Now what! Oh, it's Easter week on the sixth, and the contractor has prior obligatons. I guess even the contractor deserves a few days off.

This is it! I'm leaving on April 2nd, no matter what....maybe.

I've sent the original truck " pink slip" to our customs broker in Texas, so all of our paper work should be good to go when we arrive. I hope to be at the border by Aprl 4th or fifth so we can cross over into Mexico early Monday morning. I would really like to be through Mexico in two days but the reality is that even if it did take only two days, we would arrive at the Belizian border too late to cross over. We would still have to get the truck and all the contents inside, cleared by the Mexican officials that handle "transmigrantes". The Belizian customs would also need to be there so we can pay our duties and taxes.

So the drive though Mexico will last three days if all goes well and we don't get lost along the way. That should put me in Consejo by Wednesday, April 8th. The construction is now scheduled to begin April 14th....Belizian time.


Sandy A. said...

I finally bookmarked y'all's page instead of constantly linking from Winjama's (Dave)! I am following your adventure with interest. I really like how Dave and Dianna built there place and copied a bunch of the pics to give our builder when we get ready. I can see already that you are good at taking lots of pics! Yeah!

Perry and Mischelle said...

Hi Sandy,
How soon are you planning on building and where are you located in Belize?