Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waiting for the final plans

The plans are in the final stages and the exterior walls have been approved. The interior walls have some leeway but they also are pretty much set as to their locations. Our contractor has been busy with the house going up next door so things are a little slow right now. They started the foundation work on their house and poured the floor for the cistern today. I am hoping to get some pictures to post.

Here on the home front, the bathroom remodel continues. I finished the tile work in the sink area earlier this week and installed the new cabinets on Thursday morning. Late Thursday morning, the granite guy arrived to intall our new granite counter.

Before the Bathroom Remodel
The ongoing Remodel

Everything went smooth, as planned, and they even installed the under the counter sinks. All I have to do is finish installing the bathroom fixtures and hook up the plumbing. One project down and ninety-nine to go.

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