Friday, April 9, 2010

The Windows Are Here !!!

It has been just over a month since I arrived in Belize. The main reasons to be here was to finalize the doors and cabinets, pick tile for all the rooms and to see our windows installed. The doors are almost complete, the bathroom cabinets are done and the base for the kitchen cabinets and the island will be done by next week (Belize time). The tile for the entire house is due to arrive by noon today, from Mexico. They will start the tile installation in the kitchen and living room first, so they can begin to install the kitchen cabinets, some time next week. But the painting will hopefully be done inside before any of the tile goes down, so we need to squeeze some time in for those guys. But if the tile needs to go in for other parts of the project to continue, the painting will have to wait. Things are really starting to move and it will be busy here for the next few weeks.

But, the best thing is that the container that had our windows came in last week. It cleared Customs Tuesday and the windows were delivered yesterday to the job site.

Along with the windows came our kitchen counters and sinks, electrical plugs and switches and pressure pump for the sprinkler system.

They had to cut off the vinyl wood frame attachments on the windows so they would fit properly in the window openings.

Once that is done, the windows will finally be installed and the final push to the completion has begun.


sandy a said...

you are right where we are at now! Phil just got back from Belize and they are starting the tile this week and installing the windows etc. Loved to see your pics!

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