Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Friday Board Meeting

It's Good Friday and virtually everything is closed. And I'm stuck at a board meeting with a couple o'dozen other board members, wondering what's going on.

It seems that a few of our Board members are heading back to the northern hemisphere to finish getting their Belizian tans. I don't think that'll happen, but they can dream. Belikin Bob is outta here tomorrow, Debra and Neil just left. Wayne and Lorraine are out of here next week with promises (or threats) that they'll be here longer next year. We are starting to get a lot more full time residents. And a much younger crowd. Between Consejo Shores and the Mayan Seaside, we have a great variety of people and party habits. It's all fun in the sun. The members of the board have decided to do what every other large corpoation does. Put off the major decisions until later. Let us think about it for a while.

Finally, the board meeting is done and it's time for some serious partying. It's Belikin time!!!

Tomorrow is just another Slice of Paradise in Belize.

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sandy a said...

Looks like the meeting was successful! Have a great Easter Weekend!