Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Sunday Board Meeting

It's Sunday, and it's a beautiful day here in Belize. The wind that has been blowing for the last week, has died down to almost nothing. Just enough to keep it a little cooler as it heats up during the day. There has been virtually no bugs during the entire time I've been here, just a few mosquitoes here and there.

Things are really starting to happen at the house. A large portion of the windows were installed Saturday and has made a big difference in the look and feel of our home. The windows and the stucco together, really seem to make the place change from a concrete shell to a home.

The bedroom, bathroom and patio doors will be installed on Monday and it won't be long until we can seal the place up. That's a big step because it will allow the installation of the cabinets and fixtures along with fans and other important items.

But, today is Sunday, a usual day of rest. Not for me. It is a tough, seven day a week, work schedule during my entire time here. I had to attend another board meeting, this time at the Don Quixote Resort, to discuss with the various attendees the trials and tribulations of building in Belize.

Tom and Terri, have a house across the street from us, are now in Belize full time and their house is completely finished, except for the extras. Mario and Karen have property in the Shores and Mario is currently the contractor for a house being built nearby. Dave and Dianna, of Winjama, have a home in town and are expanding their homestead with the addition of a guest house. And of course, our hosts at the Don Quixote, Tanya and Kayo.

We started off the meeting by immediately calling for a sushi and beer break. After all, you can't do good work on an empty stomach.

After the break, we broke into discussions of building in Belize, buying Mexican beer in Belize and the trouble getting good avocados and lettuce. After much discussion we have decided to secede from Belize and form the Republic of Consejo. Tom will design us a flag and we have already decided on a motto. "We don't give a shit". Then it was time for another beer and brauts break and to enjoy the pool.

Another tough day at the office. But I can't wait until tomorrow. I love this job!

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Donna said...

Love it!!! Looks fabulous!