Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An "Oh Shit" Moment

Most of the doors and windows are now in. The guys finished installing all the windows, except for one bathroom window that was not measured correctly, but WinDor has a rush order on it and will have it made by next week.

Both of the bedroom doors are in and the side door will go in tomorrow. Only a couple of more days before I leave and I'd like to see more done. Doesn't help when most of the Corozal area lost power for a few hours.

But, now came one of the reasons why I stayed for the extra week. As the sliding glass door frame was moved over to the opening, it seemed as though something was wrong. It seemed to be a little short. Nah. It couldn't be short. It can't be short. Oh Shit! But there it was, three inches short. And it wasn't just one of them, it was both of them. Oh Shit!

Last time I looked, 8 feet is 96 inches, not 93 inches. But the tape measure confimed the was short. Damn. Now what? A call to my contractor. What happened? What can we do? How much will this mistake cost? When will it be fixed? What can we do???!!!

Settle down Perry. Take a deep breath. Slow down and speak slowly into the phone and tell me exactly what the problem is.


Oh Shit! They can't be! Are you sure???

But no matter how I measured it, it was still 93 inches! Now what? Let's look at our notes with WinDor just to make sure we said 8 feet, not 7 feet 9 inches. Yep. Eight feet on our notes. I guess it's time for a call to Windor.

Hi Drake, it's Perry. Hey listen. You know those patio doors you sent down a few weeks ago.


Well, we have a problem.....


That's what I thought you might say.

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Donna said...

Oh boy! Never a dull moment eh?

But, it's looking quite awesome!! I'm sure in a few months when you're sitting on your porch chugging a beer, looking out at the bay, it will be but a dim memory.