Saturday, April 3, 2010

The House Gets a New Look

Today began the sprint to the finish. I extended my trip by one week, just so I could see the progress that was about to happen. The exterior stucco was applied today and after the holiday for Easter, things will really start to pick up (I hope. After all, this is Belize). It's hard to pick a color from a test strip that is one inch by two inches and apply that to the whole house. But we made the right decision going with a light mint green. It sets our house off from our neighbors, that have gone with a more colorful, southwest style.

The container with the windows should be in Belize by now. We just have to wait for the Easter slowdown to finish, then it's back to normal, what ever that is. Hopefully there's no problems with Customs and the windows will be delivered and installed while I'm here.

I went over to the house on Friday, while all the workers were gone on holiday. Using "Straightline", I was able to visualize different tile patterns on the floor, with chalk lines, and decide where to install diamond patterns or squares. Again, I am hoping that the tiles will be delivered and installed while I am here so I can make any changes if necessary. We are using 20 inch tiles for the kitchen and living room.

Each of the bedrooms and baths will have 12 inch tiles and the patio will have 18 inch tiles.

But before they can start laying tiles, the entire interior space needs to be painted. We will start with white, for now. That will allow us to make color choices once we are here and get the feel of the house and furnishings.

The pool tiles should also be arriving this week, so we will need to get the DiamondBrite from the pool store in San Pedro and have it shipped over so work can begin again on the pool.

It's going to be quite busy at the house over the next month or so. Sure wish I could be here the entire time, but I'm looking forward to seeing Mischelle and our Kids.


Donna said...

Looking real good!!!!!

Rick K said...

The minty green is going to look "mint".