Friday, July 31, 2009

We've Made the Window Decision

After getting quotes for all the windows and doors in the house, except for the 8 ft French doors in the living room, we have decided to go ahead and get the windows and screens from the company, WinDor, in LA. It will add about 40% to the total cost of the windows verses buying locally, but we feel it is a good investment and a quality product. Plus, we get a $1500 tax credit if we buy the windows in the States, which will offset most of the duties and taxes. Our other local options were from Spanish Lookout, Belize City and Mexico, but in the end, the quality of the work cannot match the quality of the US product. The actual price of the windows is about the same, but it's the duties and taxes that add to the extra expense. The equipment and state of the art technology that the US company provides just can't be matched for the price in either Belize or Mexico. The quarter million dollar vinyl fusion machine alone is way beyond what any company in Belize could afford to spend with such a limited clientele base. The WinDor facility manufactures hundreds of windows a month, each custom made to order. All the windows will be low-E, double pane, argon filled and tempered. It may be more than we need, but we can get a Cadillac window for a Chevy price.

We are going to wait to order the windows until we return this November, but that shouldn't be a problem. The house will be plastered to a finish and it will also give me a chance to physically look over all the windows before they are ordered and installed.

We are also looking into buying and shipping appliances but will probably wait until the big sales happen over the Thanksgiving weekend. Again, with the big discounts that are available during the holidays, it should offset the duties and taxes in Belize.


Anonymous said...

Perry - You might want to check out Benny's for your windows and appliances - in fact all your building requirements. When you become a member you can get a 19% discount when you purchase over a certain amount. I recently got 15% discount on a sale of $3,000.00.

Of course your contractor will not tell you this as he is the one that pockets the discount without you knowing.

Visit their website:
They are agents for Oran windows out of Canada:

If you are not going to AC your house I don't know why you would want double glazed windows anyway as they will be open for most of the time. Our house had some double glazed windows from the USA fitted and they are dirty on the inside of the panes and cannot be cleaned They are complete waste of money as they are always open anyway.

Perry and Mischelle said...

I will look into Benny's when I am down there in Nov. We will have air cond. in some rooms but hope to use it sparingly. If I purchase the windows here in the US, I will be entitled to a $1500 rebate from the gov't and that will offset most of the duties and taxes from Belize. The windows from Spanish Lookout leaked during a horizontal storm at another home, so I would rather not take a chance if the difference is only a few hundred dollars. The other thing is, if it is an odd size, they will have to also custom order it from Canada. And I have thought about buying average windows and spending the money I saved on better hurricane shutters. You have given me food for thought. Thanks