Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain Stops, Construction Continues

The daily rain has stopped and construction continues, with the walls getting higher by the day. The new pictures that John has sent reveal some things that need to be changed, and is one of the reasons I had hoped to be there while the construction on going. Even though they are simple changes, the less changes, the better. The ceilings above both bedrooms and bathrooms should be poured later this week or early next week. No real changes can be made after that. The living room and kitchen ceiling will be poured at a later date, after the walls get raised to 11ft 6in.

Looking south to the front door

East side of the house

Looking back to the living room, from the pool and cistern

The west side of the house

The doors leading to the patio from the living room are set for a 6ft 8in door, and we have since changed that to an eight foot French door. The bathroom windows also need to be changed to high level windows, because I don't think Mischelle would like windows in the shower that start at waist high.

John is sending out the order for his windows this week, so I am looking forward to seeing the pricing info that he received from WinDor. Hopefully these will be the quality windows we were looking for.

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Donna said...

Looks like a house now lol. Looking good!!! I can't wait to see more.

Hopefully we will talk soon. Very busy these days as we're moving condos. Seems like all I do is move, but the final move will be the exciting one.