Monday, July 13, 2009

Progress Continues Dispite the Rain

The rain in Consejo has been off and on and so has the construction. I finally got new pictures and an approximate time frame of when the plastering will be done. There are still a couple of changes to be made and a meeting of minds, before the plastering will begin. I am thinking of returning to Belize, just to make sure everything is as we want, before the plastering starts. Prices on airfare are not that bad going into Cancun and I could probably get everything I want done, within a week. It's tempting. I will also need to decide on some kind of front door, although I have a design in mind, they will need time to make it.

View of front door.

Looking north, from the ocean, with bedroom on right getting ready for a ceiling pour.

Looking east across both bedrooms and living room. The far bedroom has forms set up for the roof pour.

The bush poles that will support the ceiling while the cement is being poured.

Our soon to be view from our living room couch

The windows look like they may be a good deal, but John is still working out the quantity and pricing. I hope this does work out because the windows are well made and can be produced rather quickly.
I have also been looking into hurricane shutters and the good news there is that there are many more options to look at other than just plywood. Some of the options look like they may be a good deal, with all the improvements in technology. I am expecting to get pricing tomorrow from a company in Jacksonville, Florida that uses Kevlar fabric as a hurricane shutter. Very easy to store and install.
The new polyurethane panels, that can be a cheaper alternative to metal shutters, are available at Lowe's. Easy to store and transparent, light can get through the panels so the house isn't dark as it would be with metal or plywood coverings. I'll post more information as it becomes available.


Donna said...

hmmm.....will he go or will he stay....that is the question! Tempting thought isn't it! Progress is looking great! Lovely view from your living room as you planned. Oh, just go!! lol


sandy a said...

please do post about the shutters--I'd be interested to see the different options. Phil is in Belize negotiating a bulding contract right now.

Anonymous said...

The house is looking great Perry! We are also interested in hurricane shutters (vertical for screened in deck), we have asked for info from both Creative (they said they would look in Mexico) and Bail in Belize City, we are still waiting, waiting, please send any info you get.