Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let the Plastering Begin

With the walls up and the roof poured, now begins the job of plastering the house, both inside and out. The work on the house will stop for a while after the plastering is complete, sometime around the end of August. It's time to organize the finances and get ready for the final push to complete the house at the end of the year so we can move in by the first quarter of next year.

It seems that August has been a good month for travel and a few people I've met through the blog are going down to Belize or southern Mexico on vacation. I'm looking forward to hearing about their travels and to get first hand information on the construction from those who are going out to Consejo. With round trip air fares of $147 out of Houston to Belize, I have thought about going down there myself. But I just can't seem to justify the extra expense, so I will just have to rely on my contractor and friends to keep me updated.


Anonymous said...

Hello Again Perry,

Another seafront house in Consejo Shores was burglarised yesterday. Frank and Therese Brechin had gone to Corozal for the day and decided to stay the night there. They found that the sliding doors on their house were open when they returned this morning. Not sure exactly what they went with but I understand some cash and a GPS were missing.

You have to give serious thought to fitting burglar bars and jimmy proof doors to your house.

Perry and Mischelle said...

Sad to hear another home was burglarized. The windows we are considering have three locks and the doors have five. We also plan on having large dogs and a fenced yard. But these things happen even in the best places. Even the multi million dollar homes here in Calif., with better security than I could ever afford, are also broken into, so you just do what you can, within reason, to stop it. We hope that with a full time neighbor on one side, we can watch over each other. I just can't see living with prison bars on the windows but that may change if we become the victims.

Anonymous said...


More bad news!

I just found out that another sea front property was broken into last Sunday.

The manager of the old Don Quixote Hotel was away when the window of her apartment was broken to gain entry to her room. Don't know what was taken.

I would think that for the few houses we have in the Shores we must have the highest percentage rate of burglaries in the whole country of Belize.