Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bugs Be Gone

While doing researching on the internet for hurricane shutters, I, of course, found myself searching from one site to another until somehow I got off the subject of shutters and was soon looking at mosquito netting. There are times of the year in Belize when the mosquitoes come out in force and a screened room would be a must if you want to be outside. The first week of June this year, after a long dry spell, a few days of rain brought out the mosquitoes, and for almost a week you couldn't go outside without being swarmed. The doctor flies are also a pest that are present at certain times of the year.

After searching multiple sites, I came across this company that makes mosquito netting ( that it is only there when you need it, so you don't need to have a permanently screened-in patio. The netting is attached by Velcro or can be installed in tracks, which allows it to be moved or removed when you don't need it. The pricing doesn't seem too out of line, either.

The white netting gives a classic look to a patio space but only has a 80% see-thru visibility while the black netting has a 96% visibility. It also comes in a standard or heavyweight mesh. There are good how-to videos are also on the site. It will give me some options for our patio.

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Dave said...

Thanks for the information on this neat netting. I'll be measuring my deck when I'm in Belize in a few weeks. This looks like the perfect solutions. My house is not far from you, I'm near Serenity Sands, so I'm sure our paths with cross at sometime, thanks again, dave