Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have a Plan

It took a little give and take and a little financial awakening, to arrive at our decision to build a single level home with the pool. We decided to build the second floor at the beginning of 2010 when finances are a little better. The Market has to go up some time ( I hope ).

The cost to build, of about $67-$70 per square foot, is right in line with what I was expecting to pay. I was hoping that with the cost of cement and rebar, both being lower this year, the cost to build would be a little lower. But I don't think that the prices have filtered down to the contractors, yet. Suppliers are probably locked in a price contract for a year. Maybe when we build the second floor, prices will be lower.

John Harris will draw up the plans and FedEx them to us for revisions. He expects that to take about a week to ten days. The tenative date to break ground is March 16th. I plan on being there for most of the building.

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richies said...

I hope your plans work out. I wanted to visit Belize this year, but will not be able to because of finances. I hope to be able to visit in 2010.

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