Monday, January 12, 2009

Waiting for a response

A view from Pip and Jason's back yard.

I've heard mostly positive things about John and like his work ethic. He was the contractor we were looking to use after CJ Consulting decided they didn't want the job. His build schedule is unheard of in Belize. We are looking to break ground March 22nd and we could be in our new home by August. Now we just need to sell the place, here in the States.

View from our lot

We have sent off our plans to John by way of snail mail, so we hope he receives them sometime this month. He will look over the plans and give us an estimate of the per square foot cost. Now we need to look into housing for the duration of the construction. There is a small house across the street going for $500 mo., but I'm not sure if it has air conditioning. You need a/c for the dog days of summer. At least somewhere to retreat, during the hot, humid days and nights. It will also get us ready for life in the Shores. No real stores near-by and only a couple of resturants with differing schedules.

It's also time to begin packing things for the move. The BIG garage sale. No winter clothes. I'm ready to go!


richies said...

Belize is my favorite place on the planet. I visit as often as my finances allow. Looks like we won't be able to visit this year. I hope everything works out well for you.

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Perry 'n Mischelle said...

Look in on us once and a while and see how we are doing. We may have the house built by August if we are lucky, and we will post as much as we can on this blog. Good luck to you on all of your new adventures.