Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Plans Come Alive

It's been a while since my last post and things are moving along rather well. We received the foundation plans and several computer generated views of the house from John Harris, this week. Other than a few minor changes, it is pretty much how I had originally designed the house.

View looking South

View looking West

View looking to the Northwest

1st Floor layout

With the computer generated views, it starts to make the home come alive. We need to make the changes we want and get them back to John as soon as possible so he can make the changes to the foundation plans. Soon after that, John will send us site and elevation plans along with the revised foundation plans.

John has been very easy to deal with and very professional in his business, especially from what you may expect from a third world country. He has given us a "Schedule of Work" along with a schedule of payments. He has requested no upfront payments to start the job and expects to get paid after he finishes each stage of his scheduled work.

Schedule of Work

Schedule of Payments

If everything goes as scheduled, John has given us a completion date of June 8th, just one day after Mischelle's birthday. What a birthday present!


Ken said...

Perry the Dream is coming alive. I will be following the progress.

Barbara said...

Congratulations Michelle and PC,

What a birthday present for Michelle! I am very happy for you both and look forward to seeing the finesh project. PC when do you leave for Belize?

Barbara Jay