Thursday, January 29, 2009


Due in part to the economy, we have instructed our contractor, John Harris, to give us several building options.

1.Go ahead and build it all at one time. Two level with a garage and a pool.
2.Build the two level with a garage, no pool.
3.Build two level with pool and no garage.
4.Build two level, no pool and no garage.
5.Single level with pool and garage.
6.Single level with only a garage.
7.Single level with only a pool.
8.Single level only. No pool, no garage.

Now we have to go over the pros and cons of each option. If we build it all at one time, will we have the extra money for appliances, furniture, moving expenses, etc. Sometimes you forget those extra expenses and they can add up quickly. I'd hate to have a new home and no money to finish the move.

I'm leaning towards a single level ( with everything ready for a second floor ) and the pool. During the summer, it would be nice to go in the pool instead of the bay. The pool water would probably be cooler. Also, it would leave money for all the additional surprises. We don't really need the garage right away and could build it next year.

But the wife is another story. She wants it all. She's afraid that the second floor won't get built if we wait. That's the master bedroom and bathroom. She wants her dream home and that's what I promised her if we moved to Belize (I just didn't say how long it would take to build it). So now starts the give and take. I give, she takes. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a beautiful woman.

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