Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're finally here!

After months of waiting, we are finally back in Belize, and enjoying every minute of it. We are staying at the old Don Quixote Hotel in Consejo Shores that can be discribed as a diamond in the rough. The main caretakers, Tanya and Kayo, have done a wonderful job bringing the hotel back from the brink to a very comfortable place to stay with large rooms, air conditioning and a wonderful pool overlooking the blue bay of Chetumal.

The progress on our house is slow at the moment but around the first of April it will really pick up. We went over to Chetumal and picked out all of our tile for the main living space. It was really easy dealing with Interceramics, in Chet. We had picked out most of our tiles and alternates from the catalog and showroom in LA, so we only spent an hour or so at their showroom. My contractor said the prices, even with duties and taxes will probably be less than getting them from Belize, and a MUCH bigger selection.

After that we went over to the Free Zone to have a few beers, discuss some business....and have a few more beers, and then over to the Las Vegas Casino to have...a few more beers. You get the idea. At least I didn't have to drive.

After that lengthy "business meeting", we decided on a color for the exterior stucco. We are going with a soft mint green with a white trim. They will begin applying the stucco sometime next week. The windows should be here in about two weeks along with the quartz countertops. The cabinets for the bathrooms are just about complete and they are currently working on the kitchen cabinets and all the interior doors.

It's getting exciting to see the finished product. It won't be too long now. Mischelle leaves for home tomorrow, so it will be just me for the next 3 weeks. I hope to see a lot done in that time, but unfortunately, the tiles won't be in until just after I leave. But it has been a productive trip, so far.

I am relocating to Bob and Martha's place for the next 2 weeks, so updates to the blog should be more often. Then it's back to the Don Quixote for the last week of my stay. It's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it.

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Can't wait to see pics!