Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Progress at the Mayan Seaside

Our blog has recently passed another milestone. It's been a year since I added the Flag Counter and the Live Traffic Feed to the blog, just to see who and where the people are that visit our site. We've had almost 10,000 page views and 66 different countries have visited our site since March 22, 2009. We've communicated with many of you and have met several of you, here in Belize. Overall, the blog has been a good experience. As we continue the blog, I hope that the information passed on has helped some of you on your move to Belize and to the others, I hope that it has at least been entertaining. The best is yet to come, as our house gets closer to completion.

I recently went over to the Mayan Seaside to visit friends and to see the progress that is being made to the community area over there. Art Higgins is really doing a wonderful job at creating a community with a large park, dock, seawalls and palapas. But it's the neighbors themselves that really make that community. The afternoon board meetings out on the dock are a great way to meet your neighbors and plan for the future. Some are already planning to have a December 21,2012 "Mayastock" with bands, food and drinks. They'll play until the end of the Mayan calendar (kinda like the Titanic). Who knows what happens then.

Our friends, Rick and Dawn, were just down here last month to put the finishing touches on their new home and several others in the area are completed or near completion.

The houses can vary from the very simple Mennonite homes to the multi-story mansions. You can pick your own lifestyle.

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Jay said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the progress of Mayan Seaside.