Thursday, June 9, 2011

At It Once Again

After a few months of no posts to the blog, I am hoping to begin again, with at least a few posts a month. Even comments from Julian couldn't get me back to posting on my blog. I spoke to a few others that also blog and it's not unusual to get blog burn-out or a sort of writers block. But what ever it was, I hope to get back into some kind of routine. There is so much here to blog about, I just need to do it. So here we go. I'll include things from the last couple of months, just to get started again.

Mischelle's mother, Fay, stayed with us until early April. She was here for 4 months, and I'm sure she'll be back soon, probably after the hurricane season. But for now it will finally give us a chance to get settled into routine around the house. We still have a lot to unpack.

We went to Sarteneja for their Easter Day Boat Races. Our friends, Tom and Terri joined us for the drive. Unlike last year, we decided to drive there rather than take the boat. The road out there was recently graded, so the drive shouldn't be too bad. What could take the most time was waiting to cross the river on the ferry. It only holds four or five cars at a time, so if there was a line, we could be there for a while. But as it was, there were only a few cars ahead of us, so we made it on the second ferry across.

We arrived in Sarteneja, after driving for about an hour and a half, and found that the boat from Consejo, with our other friends and neighbors, had also just arrived. The Consejo Yacht Club had entered the Maranatha in one of the races, so there was a large group yacht club members there to support them.

Unfortunately, the event wasn't as well organized as last year, and there several mix ups involving the boat and the captain. Also, the Maranatha was way out of her class, due to the fact that the other boats had brought larger sails and extra rigging, just for racing. So, it turns out that we all just watched from the sidelines this year.

There were not as many booths selling merchandise and food. There was no information board showing when the races began or what classes of boat were racing. It was a two day event, this year, instead of just one, so some of the bands had played the day/night before. It just seemed to be a much quieter affair this year. But we still managed to have a good time, drink a few beers and chow down some food.

After a few hours of walking around the town, we decided to head back to Consejo and finish our Easter celebration there. I was a little disappointed in the races this year, but we will go again next year, and hopefully it will be better.


JRinSC said...

Welcome back! Glad you're having a great time and don't be too hard on me -- I'm just jealous of you!!! lol

That ride to Sarteneja was one of the highlights when we stayed in Corozal. I don't think I got our SUV over 25 mph the entire way. Loved the ferries!! If you haven't you might try eating at the Backpacker's Paradise which is on the side road right at the sign coming into Sarteneja. Good food and interesting surroundings (their horse had two big white birds sitting on it's back eating bugs).

Glad to have you back!


Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Hi You Two,

Welcome back. I'm not sure if it's writer's block or not, but I went through a dry spell myself... lack of motivation, inspiration, who knows?
Anyway, it's good to see you back with pen in hand, so to speak.
BTW, I love that pic of the chair on the pier - you'd think that alone would provide enough inspiration. Heck, just living here should. But it happens.


JRinSC said...

Hi Perry... and Dave Rider:

Either of you ever relieve the worker on the ferry and run the hand crank to pull the ferry across? I did it and I counted right at 300 turns to get across (the first ferry I think). Wow, but what a neat way to travel -- if you're in a hurry then use a boat!

Glad to have you back Perry. We'll all wait til you get going again. After all the months of getting ready I'm sure I would take some time getting myself completely into my new life. I hope that the two of you are glad with how things have turned out for you in Belize. I do envy you!!



sandy a said...

I was wondering what happened! Glad to see you post again!

Perry and Mischelle said...

Hi Julian and Sandy,
I'm glad to be back. Thanks for your support. Sandy, how's the house coming along?

David Arlich said...

Hey guys!! looks great. Dave and Gayle Arlich

JRinSC said...

Here you go (disappear) again! Trust all is ok and just blogged out still. Hope you've had a great summer down there and we'd like an update on the house if nothing else.

Have you ever taken the little boat over to Mexico right from the dock at the Customs Pier at the point? And what is the status of the neat hotel just to the left of the Customs Pier. I think I read that it was fixed up and back in business. Am I right?

Hello... just a note to say you're ok and not lost at sea or something... lol.