Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not Much Left To Do

We received a new batch of pictures the other day showing the progress on the house. From what I can see in the pictures, there is not a whole lot of construction left to do. It looks like it's all finish work now. We had sent down another tile medallion that we were hoping to install later, in the patio area, but the guys were able to do it now without any problems and it saves me from having to tear up the tile later.

The patio doors arrived from WinDor to replace the ones that were originally three inches too short. They have been installed, so that now, the entire house can now be secured.

The bathrooms have yet to be finished, but we have the shower floor tiles up here with us in the States, so the showers won't need to be finished for a month or more. We went with a pebble tile for the shower floors that massages the feet while you shower (at least that's what the salesman said), and we couldn't find anything like it in Belize or Mexico.

The kitchen and bathroom sinks and the toilets have all arrived , but have yet to be installed. Same with the fans. But at least they are all there.

I may have to schedule a trip back to Belize in the near future so I can do a final walk through. We won't finish the pool until after we are there. Too much maintenance, especially if we're not there, although my neighbors might like it. Same with the stairway to the roof. We'll put that off until early next year. We just want to get the occupancy permit.

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Donna said...

Yes, best get down there soon for your final walk-thru. July sounds good.

It looks beautiful!!! Love your view of the water and pool and veranda. I might be visiting often ...and when I do, can I shower to get a foot massage lol?