Friday, May 7, 2010

High Winds and Waves

Our neighbors in Belize, Pip and Jason, sent pictures taken recently of the seawall and beach area of our lot that shows the seawater washing over our seawall and completely covering the beach area. The winds had been up in the 25 mph range for the better part of a week, and coupled with the waves and tides, it was pushing the water back into the bay and flooding some coastal areas.

Normal tide and no wind.

Recent high winds and waves.

It was really a shocker to see the photos. I had seen the pictures from Dave and Dianna's blog ( on the recent flooding in the canal and lots in their area south of Corozal, but I thought it wouldn't be as bad in our area of Consejo because we are on a small point in the bay and we are on a south facing beach. I guess I have to rethink my options on the seawall and beach improvements. It was a real eye opener.

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