Monday, February 22, 2010

The Excitement Begins as the Trip Nears

We are leaving for Belize in just over two weeks and we are still deciding on what needs to be accomplished while we are there. Apply for the QRP, renew the vehicle registration and insurance, look for a local doctor and pick out our tiling are just a few things on our list...and it only seems to get longer. I will be down a few weeks longer than Mischelle, so I should be able to get most everything accomplished.

New pictures have finally arrived and work has indeed begun again on our home. The openings for the patio doors are being enlarged, the cistern cover has been poured and the patio columns are finished. It also looks as though the ceiling has a coat of white plaster applied.

Hopefully, the windows will arrive by late March so I will be able see them once they are installed. After that it will really start to come together in a hurry. Once the front door goes in and the windows are installed, the house can be sealed up so that the interior door and cabinets can be installed and the house can be secured. It will soon be time to plan the next trip down for the final walk through.

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sandy a said...

Awesome! I know you are both so excited! Can't wait for blog posts of your future adventures with the move.