Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Finally Did It!

My Los Angeles Angels have finally made the playoffs and in the first round of the Division series, beat their long time nemisis, the Boston Red Sox. Not only did they beat them, they swept them in three games to move on the the Championship series against another long time nemisis, the New York Yankees.

We went to the second game of the Red Sox/Angels series and the stadium was rockin', filled to the brim in red. Today we are going to the fourth game between the Yankees and the Angels, with New York leading the series, two games to one. It's going to be another rockin' day at Angel Stadium.

If the Angels make it by the Yankees, to the World Series, we also have tickets to the second game at Angel Stadium. The other LA team, the Dodgers, are also in the playoffs and they too swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round. They are currently playing the Philadelphia Phillies, but are down in that series three games to one after a stunning loss last night in the bottom of the ninth inning. I was hoping to see the two LA teams battle it out for the World Series (they call it the freeway series) but that possibility is slowly slipping away.

Go ANGELS. Go Dodgers.

I'm continuing my flying lessons on a Quicksilver ultralight and I now have 5 hours of flight time and adding on two or three hours a week while also helping out around the flight school.

My instuctor, Mike, has pushed me to improve my skills and would like to see me flying solo with about 15 hours of flight time. At the same time we are rebuilding another Quicksilver to add to his current fleet of four ultralights. He has also picked up an amphibious ultralight and is in the market for a amphibious trainer so he can start offering lessons in that type of plane. Of course, we all have our dreams and the dream plane we are looking at right now is just starting production. It's a little out of my price range, but oh, what a plane. Watch the video clip from the manufacturer and you'll see what I mean. This would be perfect in Belize.


I can only imagine what the Goverment of Belize would like for taxes and duties on that plane. But one can dream.

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