Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Friday and it's Halloween. We've had a little rain here and there, but nothing speak of. But, it seems to have driven all the kids away. The way Halloween is now, the parents take their kids to the Mall where it is safe and controlled.

I remember as a kid, roaming the neighborhood, everybody in costume. Hundreds of us. You knew the good houses and hit them up first, then on to the apartments. It was a big deal. Then as you got older, you went to costume parties. I even remember going down to Hollywood Blvd one year, for Halloween. We ended up in a bar called the FireFly. As you're really not sure what kind of bar it is in Hollywood, when we entered it seemed to be OK. Well after a short time we found out why it was called the FireFly. They locked the doors, so no fire marshalls, and proceeded to fill the bar drink well (you know, the one that backs up the main bar counter) full of lighter fluid and then lit it afire. What a sight to watch it race from one end of the bar to the other. The Fire Marshalls would have loved that.

Back to this years' Halloween. More kids are beginning to show up and this may not be such a dud afterall. We bought lots of candy and of course it is all the good stuff like Reeses, PayDay's, Butterfingers, M&M's and more. I would hate to think of what would happen if the kids didn't show up. Misch and I would probably gain 10lbs. each. Cute kids. Probably ended up with about 50 kids. We decorated our yard as usual, with the tombstones, carved pumpkins and lighted monsters. I wonder, do they celebrate Halloween in Belize? If not, they will when I get there!

And tommorow begins the breakdown of the Halloween gear and packing it up until next year. Unfortunately, when the Holloween stuff goes back in the attic, the Christmas stuff comes out. All the stores are having big sales now for Christmas because they're afraid you won't have money at Christmas, so they want to try and get your money now. Actually there are some good deals out there. Several stores have gone bankrupt and are selling things at close -out prices. I think Christmas is going to be a little tight this year.

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